The Turner Camps
Cottages on Fourth Lake
5132 State Route 28
Old Forge, New York  13420-9705
315-357-4221 (6/22 - 9/8)
585-703-5396 call or text (9/9 - 6/21)

Special Memories from our Guests

At the top of our brochure, we have the motto: where friendships begin. Such has been the case over the 100+ years of Turner Camps. One day, returning from church, a car was beside our office and a group of people were standing there looking around. We introduced ourselves and found, to our delight, that the obvious Grandmother, or Great Grandmother of the group was in charge. She told us her story, that she had been at Turner Camps in the 1930's before electricity and inside toilets. Recounting the feasts around the campfire and the antics of Uncle Al (Al Turner and Ina – first owners) was a delightful surprise for us. Promising to send pictures, which they did, the entire family of 3 or 4 generations went on their way back to Delaware.

Stories like hers are not unusual. More recent guests recall finding Turner Camps on a chance that we had an opening, such as one family who did just that and are now starting their tenth year. Important for them are the wonderful friends they have made and creating memories for their children.

Other memories include the fish hook in the foot, card games among extended family, and the mystery associated with who was cheating the most (all in good fun, of course). Some extended families occupy almost all of the nine cottages, have meals together, play jokes on each other, and generally relax and enjoy each other and the beautiful environment of the Adirondacks.

Some have stated they “enjoy a sense of peace” as they gaze at loons on the lake or just listen to the water lapping on the shore; star-gazing at night and watching for satellites whizzing overhead. Others have expressed appreciation for the downtime from a stressful life which comes from being in the woods in a place that has seen generations of people anchor their summer roots. One family has been at Turner Camps every year for 44 years – grandchildren running down the drive to the lake as soon as they arrive regardless of the temperature of either water or air.

Not only do friendships begin here, they continue throughout the year electronically and in person. For all of that we are grateful that we have had a small part in fostering warm relationships in a special place. It is that for us as well and for our family now and into the future.

Rev. Dr. Carrol A. Turner and Joyce E. Turner, Owners – the third generation
Meet the next generation: Bret Turner, Vicki and Steve Bernard, and Renée and Bob Olson.