The Turner Camps
Cottages on Fourth Lake
5132 State Route 28
Old Forge, New York  13420-9705
315-357-4221 (6/22 - 9/8)
585-703-5396 call or text (9/9 - 6/21)

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled some of the most common inquiries.
Can I bring my dog, cat, hamster, bird, guinea pig or pet snake?

How far is my cottage from the lake?
    All cottages are within 500' of the lake.

How long will it take to walk to the lake?
    From Tamarack, the farthest from the lake, about 2 minutes, unless you are chasing a two-year old!

Do you have air conditioning?
    No, open the windows and jump in the lake.

Do the cottages have TV?
    No. Only Tamarack. Some people bring their own DVD players. Others are glad for an opportunity to talk as a family.

Do you recycle?
    Absolutely! Since this is a state park, requirements are posted in each house.

Does each cottage have a fire pit?
    No, we have a delightful gathering around the big campfire every Wednesday.

Do you have Wifi?
    Yes, in an area around the office near the lake. Sometimes the signal will reach other houses, depending upon your equipment. Sit in the sun or on our deck at Evergreen.

How close are stores and restaurants?
    Anywhere from 2-8 miles.

What do I have to bring?
    Sheets, towels, 1-ply toilet paper, flashlight is helpful, food and cleaning supplies.

Do I have to clean the cottage?
    We expect you to leave the house as clean as you found it for the next guests. No maid service!

Can I bring my boat?
    Yes. We have 3 docks with limited boat space. Check with us regarding size and space. Boat trailers can be stored on the property. Kayaks and canoes can be stored beyond the sand beach.

What games can we enjoy?
    Volleyball, badminton, horseshoes, soccer and croquet can be played in the playground area only. We suggest only softball. Two golf courses nearby.

Can we have company?
    Briefly. Note cottage capacity limitations. Check with the office about possible arrangements.

Is there medical assistance available?
    In Old Forge there is a Health Center and EMT services are available.

Where should I park my car?
    In the parking lot at your cottage name, except Balsam and Tamarack.

What will the weather be like at Turner Camps when I am there?
    Sunny and 80˚ daytime and 65˚ to 70˚ at night with no rain. ;-)

Are you open Columbus Day weekend to see the fall colors?
    No, the best time in this area is usually September 15-30. Beautiful!